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[slmedical] Trimo 90 Hair Shampoo - Dermagen

[slmedical] Trimo 90 Hair Shampoo - Dermagen

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Trimo 90 Hair Shampoo - Dermagen


What are the 8 features?

1. Functional shampoo certified by the MFDS to alleviate hair loss symptoms (Korea University Ansan Hospital Dermatology)

2. Prevent the hair loss & Improve scalp's condition

3. High content effective components

4. Dense and sticky foam to removes fine dust and other wastes from the pores neatly.

5. Weak acidity (pH5-pH6) to remove accumulated waste from hair and scalp without skin irritation.

6. Clinical test completed (P&K Skin Clinical Research Center)

7. Use a natural surfactant (amniotic acid surfactant) with less skin irritation instead of a chemical surfactant.

8. The functions of Propecia (DHT inhibiting)/minoxidil (growth factor promotion, blood circulation improvement)/fantoga (nutritive supply) in three types of hair loss medicines.

Main Ingredients

◆ HairVax(Growth factors / Peptides / Moplex Complex)

◆ Copper-Tripeptide-1

◆ Biotin

◆ Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract


Functional ingredient

◆ Dexpanthenol

◆ Salicylic acid

◆ L-Menthol



Packaging: 500mL (16.9 fl.oz.)

Indications: For all hair types, Does not contain any harmful ingredients and is safe for all ages.

How To Use: Wet the hair with warm water. Put 3-5mL of the product and massage through the scalp evenly. Let the foam on the hair for 3 minutes and wash thoroughly.

Expiry date: 3 years

Product Information:

In Dermagen Trimo 90, '90' means 90 days.

KFDA-certified hair loss relief functional shampoo

HairVax, Copper Tripeptide, Beer Yeast, Biotin to strengthen hair roots and damaged hair

Removes remove dirt, debris, and odors accumulated in hair and scalp without skin irritation with acid balanced shampoo

Use natural ingredients (amino acid surfactant) with less skin irritation instead of chemical ingredients

Hydrolyzed - Contains collagen, keratin and silk ingredients which helps to grow elastic hair

Remove debris including fine dust in pores with dense and sticky foam

It contains 7 natural ingredients and provides nutritions without scalp irritation

Completed evaluation clinical trial of hair loss prevention efficacy and safety for functional ingredients (Korea University Ansan Hospital Dermatology Department)

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