[slmedical] Trimo 90 Hair Tonic - Dermagen

[slmedical] Trimo 90 Hair Tonic - Dermagen

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Trimo 90 Hair Tonic - Dermagen

Specification : 120g

Ingredients : Functional ingredient (KFDA functional certified ingredient): Dexpanthenol, Salicylic Acid, L-Menthol. Core Ingredients: HairVax (Growth factors / Peptides / Moplex Complex), Copper Tripeptide-1

Efficacy : Mild acidic tonic that provides healthy nutrients without skin and scalp irritation

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea


Product Information:

In Dermagen Trimo 90, '90' means 90 days.

> Hair Loss - Contain functional ingredients for hair loss Relief (Not a medicine for the prevention and treatment of diseases)

> Scalp Nutrition - Use directly on the scalp and hair roots to instantly supply active ingredients to prevent hair loss!

> Direct-to-Scalp - It is easy to use as it sprays directly on the scalp and improves the absorption rate.

> Clinical Test Completed - Completed clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of hair loss prevention for functional ingredients (P & K Skin Clinical Research Center).

> Massage Effect- By tapping on the scalp, it helps to circulate blood by using the scalp massage effect at the same time as using the product.

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