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Cartin , Cindella & Vitamin C Set

Cartin , Cindella & Vitamin C Set

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Cartin L-Carnitine Slimming Set SL Medical Beauty

L-Carnitine  Set (Cartin, Cindella & Vitamin C)

Cindella supresses the appetite, while Cartin. and Vitamin C burn the fat in your body faster and safer to slim down and get into shape.

Initial studies have found that dietary carnitine stimulates the break down of fats into energy, it also reduces the amount of lactic acid produced during exercise, speeds up the recovery from the exercise stress and prevents cell damage, which makes it favorable to weight loss. 


L-carnitine combines with fat to use it as an energy source. It is known to have various effects, mainly to promote the burning of fatty acids and the lowering of cholesterol. In addition, the Cartin. has an anti-fatigue effect and sharpens the brain function.


Cindella, also known as Alpha Lipoic Acid or Thioctic Acid, consists of various antioxidants found in small amount in the body. They are effective in fat reduction, diet, speeding up the metabolism and fatigue. It also improves the elasticity and dullness of the aging skin and is widely used due to it multiple effects. 

Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid is used for anti-aging and for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer. It helps in the production of collagen, serotonine and carnitine. It also also has antioxidant effects. 

L-Carnitine Treatment Set helps with metabolic weight loss.

  • Aids in metabolic weight loss - L-carnitine is widely used as a natural method for weight loss, since it enables the burning of fat at a much higher speed. It can also decrease your craving and increase your energy during exercise.
  • Sharpens memory -L-Carnitine is known to improve the memory and mental functions in older people with some memory loss. 
  • Decreases depression - Taking 1-4 grams of L-canitine per day can improve the mood.
  • Improves poor blood flow - Administering a dose of L-canitine via IV, produces short term improvements in the blood flow of the brain for people who have a poor blood circulation. 

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