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Neo Combi Thread Lifting - Combi Cog/Cannular PDO

Neo Combi Thread Lifting - Combi Cog/Cannular PDO

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Component: PDO (Polydioxanone) - 20 ea/1 pack

Neo Thread for PDO Thread Lifting induces self-healing process by inserting the suture thread into the skin. 

The healing process, on its turn provokes the rejuvenation and the overall improvement of the skin. 

When skin ages, it creates fine wrinkles as the elastin and the collagen tissue of the epidermis gets destroyed. The density of the elastin and collagen can be improved by stimulating the cell recovery.

The process gets activated only within 48 hours. 

The immune system recognizes the inserted thread as a foreign body and tries to protect the body by removing it. The process induces collagen formation and activates the blood flow in the dermis. 

These reactions lead to the enhancement of the skin. 

In addition, the tension of the thread injection causes lifting effects. 

Absorption Period of PDO - Approximately 6 months after the injection.

The twisted thread around the needle increases tension of injection. 


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