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StarFill is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler containing lidocaine manufactured in Korea. As a result of its cross-linking technology, StarFill is series of hyaluronic acid fillers that can be used to treat a variety of key aesthetic issues. Using its proprietary ZEEP technology (Zero Endotoxin and BDDE Entire Process), StarFill fillers can ensure that endotoxin and residual BDDE levels are kept to an absolute minimum, resulting in a high safety profile with minimal side effects for the consumer. Because of the outstanding viscoelasticity and cohesiveness of StarFill fillers, you will experience uniform extrusion force during injection, resulting in a uniform and even filler distribution. Another advantage is the presence of lidocaine. It ensures that the treatment appears to be painless.


Strengths of StarFill

StarFill is a remarkable product that is used to fill in wrinkles and lines on the skin. Several noteworthy characteristics can be observed in StarFill as a result of this. Here are only a few examples:

  • Endotoxin levels below 0.1 EU/mL are considered modest.
  • The beautiful impression lasts for a long time.
  • Conforms with CE requirements – possesses a CE certification
  • A history of safety demonstrated in multiple clinical investigations
  • A high level of product safety as a result of increased cross-linking efficiency and reduced residual BDDE levels

Scope of StarFill Plus Lidocaine

  • forehead “worry” lines
  • lip contouring and augmentation
  • perioral lines
  • periorbital area (crown’s feet and lower lid wrinkles)

Scope of StarFill Deep Plus Lidocaine

  • chin crease
  • lip contouring and augmentation
  • forehead “worry” and glabellar “frown” lines
  • nasolabial folds
  • perioral wrinkles (marionette lines, smoker’s lines, mouth frown)

Scope of StarFill Implant Plus Lidocaine

  • The improved nose bridge and ridge construction
  • The face is given a lot of volumes (forehead, temples, malars, lower lid, chin, preauricular area, and jawline)
  • A combination of techniques achieves deep wrinkle and fold reduction.

Product composition:

Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate 24 mg/ml, Lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg/ml, PBS

One syringe × 1.1 ml, two needles per pack

Needle size: 27G

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