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Pico Needle 32G8 MM

Pico Needle 32G8 MM

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Pico Needle



A small needle can be used to inject a product such as an anesthetic. There are several types of sizes, so you can choose and use them according to your taste.
Sharp needles can pierce veins and arteries beneath the skin. Since blunt cannulas simply push aside any arteries and veins encountered beneath the skin, there’s a reduced risk of bleeding and bruising.


Sharp tip needles use a very thin, short, sharp needle to inject dermal fillers. When using needles, multiple injection points are required, which can increase the risk of hitting a vein. If a vein is hit with a needle, there’s a higher chance of bruising after the procedure.


Sharp tip needles may also result in trauma to the skin, causing swelling, particularly when used on the lips. In fact, some doctors may recommend that lip fillers are done late Friday evening so patients have the weekend to allow the swelling to go down before they have to be seen in public. Along with pain and bruising, other risks that can occur, although they are rare, include skin irregularities post injection, infection at the injection site, and tissue death, which can occur when a filler is injected into a blood vessel by accident.




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