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Melsmon Placenta Injection

Melsmon Placenta Injection

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Melsmon Injection

Melsmon Injection is an in-placenta injection used by Melsmon Japan for over 50 years after the Japanese Welfare Ministry approved its use in 1956.
Melsmon Korea Corp. imports the original end products manufactured in Japan.
There has been not even one serious side effect report during its use in the past 50 years in Japan.


What is the Placenta

The placenta is an organ which weighs 500g, has a diameter of 15~20 cm, and a thickness of 2~3 cm located at the connecting point of the amnion, which wraps the fetus during pregnancy and the uterus.
It contains dozens of amino acid, including essential amino acids, and diverse active peptide, vitamins, sugars, hexane, minerals, and enzymes which are at the center of pharmacologic activity.


Packaging : 10a / 50a / box

Specification : 2ml / ampoule

Ingredient : 2ml Placenta extract

Shelf life : 2 years

Efficacy : Placental extract, for more than 50 years, with high efficacy has been used in improving hepatic function in chronic liver disease and other symptoms.

Country of Origin : Japan

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