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HMPF Complex 2m

  • Hair growth / hair thickness evaluation after 10 weeks vs general 6 months treatment program
  • Applicable to patients with intractable hair loss
  • Includes concentrated MPF (HMPF Complex 2m:400 thousand ppm, 40%)
  • 2.5ml x 10 vial: 10 sessions/1 set 

HMPF Complex 

  • Used for early hair loss/ After care of HMPF complex 2m
  • Reasonable price
  • Used to make up for hospital treatment gap 
  • Contains concentrated MPF (HMPF complex: 200 thousand ppm, 20%)
  • 2.5 ml x 10 vial: 10 session/1 set

How to use:

[treatment method]

Section head in to 5 part horizontal lines and 5 part vertical lines

Use hairpin to hold hair and expose scalp

Apply HMPF and use skin penetrating equipment (various skin penetrating equipment can be used, Depth 0.5mm~1.0mm)

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