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DeneB Classic

DeneB Classic

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DeneB Classic-H is injectable filler based on the hyaluronic acid (HA) for face volume restoration. Among the injectable products presented on market today, the given filler is marked by superior effect duration as well as point wise influence on the worked area. Similar effect is reached by means of unique technology of product preparation. This method is based on the multiple-stage consequent formation of hyaluronic acid polymers. In the beginning, single molecules of HA are joined by cross-links followed by association to small micelles and then to tight particles that are finally injected to the patients. Such a technique allows manufacturing the products with optimal viscosity and density that, in addition, are able to effectively bind water molecules. As long as, the filler could assume almost hard structure, the product might be used for breast and buttocks augmentation. 

 Strengths of DeneB Classic-H:

  • the product is manufactured by unique polymerization technique allowing to provide high viscosity and density to the filler
  • using different types of injections, it is possible to reach pointwise elaboration of certain face zones
  • the product possesses high stability and does not migrate from the injection area
  • the constituents of the product do not undergo the additional chemical modification that makes the filler absolutely hypoallergenic

DeneB Classic - H is injected for:

  • restoration of face volumes
  • correction of nasolabial folds
  • non-surgical correction of nose and chin shape
  • non-invasive body shape correction
  • breast and buttock augmentation

DeneB Classic-S is injectable filler based on the hyaluronic acid for deep working out of age-related skin changes. The base of the product is cross-linked polymeric form of hyaluronic acid immobilized on the small particle surface. Such a structure allows introducing the filler to the deep dermal layers followed by elimination of age-related hallmarks including medium and deep folds and wrinkles. High efficiency of the filler is shown if injected to the forehead, cheek-bone and chicks area. In addition, the product works well for lips augmentation. The significant benefit of the product is its half-liquid half-gel consistency that provides long-lasting effect of the procedures without migration of the product from injection area. DeneB Classic – S is characterized by excellent hydrophilicity and effectively attaches water molecules resulting in general improvement and moisturizing of face skin.

Strengths of DeneB Classic - S:

  • polymeric hyaluronic acid in the filler composition effectively penetrates even to the deep dermal layers leading to flattering of deep folds and wrinkles
  • the product possesses high ability to bind water allowing to use the filler as deep moisturizing agent
  • the components of the product represent natural compounds of non-animal origin that do not stimulate allergic reactions
  • If lidocaine is added, the procedures are almost painless and the effects have quite long duration

DeneB Classic - S is injected for:

  • lips augmentation
  • elimination of wrinkles with medium and profound degree of manifestation
  • general recovery and moisturizing of face skin


DeneB Classic 

1 syringe x 10 ml


Manufacturer: BioPlus Co., Ltd., South Korea


The product has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.

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