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Rejuran I

Rejuran I

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Rejuran I

Ingredients: PN (Polynucelotide)
Content: Clear, colorless viscous liquid
Packing: 1cc / syringe, 1 syringe / pack
Efficacy: Promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimized for crows feet and thinned skin.
Administration: Intra-dermal injection or cannula injection
Storage condition: Room temperature (1~30 C)
Ingredients: PN (Polynucelotide)

REJURAN I : Reduces crows feet and fine wrinkles around eyes and improvement of elasticity around eyes area (thin skin).

Improvement on crows feet: 

In clinical trials, patients received Rejuran® treatment for crows feet on both eyes. Repeated treatment were performed every two weeks for a total of four times and the results showed improvement of wrin­kles from 94.29% of patients. [2nd week 2.13, 4th week 2.20, 12th week 1.84 for LCL scale). There were no adverse effects.

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