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IMPORTANT NOTE: Cindella packaging design has been changed by Daehan NewPharm. Please be adviced with the new package design.


Benefits of the Cindella injection:

  • Brightens the skin color and tones up the entire face
  • Increases the skin elasticity and decreases wrinkles
  • Activates the fat burning and effectively reduces body fat
  • Regulates the blood glucose to prevent diseases of old age
  • Boosts the energy levels and prevents exhaustion during daily activities.

What is α-lipoic acid?
The a-lipoic acid is the fatty acid in small doses which is an essential substance to produce the energy in the body. 

It also has 400 times more of the anti-oxidative activity than vitamin C,E.
It has an excellent effect on whitening, elasticity and also improves the energy consumption and appetite suppression.

It brightens the skin tone and decreases the body weight as a result of increasing in glutathione production.


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