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BabyFace Misfil

BabyFace Misfil

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Baby Face's highly concentrated EGF and rich moisturizing particles regenerate, moisturize and brighten the skin. 

Whitening and wrinkle improvement dual functional skin care

  • Wrinkle improvement - helps to form collagen, provides youthful and firm skin. 
  • Regeneration effect - EGF ingredients help regenerate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Skin whitening - the skin tone brightens and becomes more vivid. 
  • Moisturizing - keeps the skin moisturized from within, makes it hydrated and elastic. 

Moisturized, clear and elastic skin

A highly concentrated growth factor solution serum containing EGF, an epithelial cell growth factor, that helps repair damaged, rough skin with highly concentrated EGF ingredients. The rich, moisturizing factor keeps the skin moisturized by supplying proper moisture, gives elasticity, vitality and brightens the skin. 

 Packaging: 5 vials x 5 ml, 10 vials x 5 ml 


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