heextein treatment


Harmful elements that impact the skin are so entangled with our lives that we encounter them on a daily basis. For our skin, which is vulnerable to skin stress at all times, it is essential to avoid it and take appropriate steps before it causes problems.

The Heextein series promises to change and maintain healthy skin by addressing everyday skin stress in a quick and effective way. Let’s learn more about these revolutionary treatments.


Heextein Time Control Ampoule Solution


Heextein Time Control Ampoule Solution is a product that contains up to 10,000 ppm of HA in high, medium, and low molecular weight forms a strong moisturizing film, enhances the skin's protective film, and regenerates skin cells for the best absorption into the skin. Hydro-GF3 Liposome and IndiMix Salmon DNA-N for cell function.

It has a formula that, by boosting cell activity and constructing a layer of protection with Indmix Salmon, almost eliminates many skin issues. Each component is tested for skin penetration to the depths.

Hyaluronic acid, one of the components in Heextein, aids in the skin's firm absorption of moisture, reduces moisture loss, and boosts moisture retention by generating a moisturizing layer. Strong moisturizing power and prolonged moisture retention support plump, smooth skin. The combination of gluconolactone and beta-glucan minimizes acne on the skin, regulates sebum production, gets rid of horny horns, and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Furthermore, the Hydro-GF3 Liposome and IndiMix Salmon DNA-N have a significant impact on activating skin regeneration, increasing skin elasticity, and healing injured skin.

In addition, Heextein has a large number of biological bags that deliver nutrients to the skin and can penetrate deeply to efficiently transport, enhance, and heal the skin. After a 28-day skin cycle, the effects of this therapy are fresh skin.


How to Use:

Before usage, thoroughly combine the two ampoules.

  1. Pour the Heex-Core ampoule into the Heexolution.
  2. Combine the two formulas by shaking the Heexolution lid carefully.
  3. Open the Heexolution cover after mixing, then pour the mixture into the dropper.
  4. Drop 1ml onto skin using the dropper, then let it soak.


Heextein Advanced Retinal Cream


Heextein Advanced Retinal Cream is a product for acne, wrinkle reduction, and skin whitening. The body may transform retinaldehyde into retinoic acid or retinol in just one step. Retinal is a precursor of retinol, a type of vitamin A. With outcomes comparable to those of tretinoin and little side effects, retinaldehyde can be used to treat skin.

Our skin cells change on average every 28 days; this treatment accelerates that process. As we age, this process takes longer. New cells can form by speeding up the rate of cellular turnover in the skin's outermost layer. The skin smooths out and evens out as a result. Along with accelerating cell turnover on the skin's surface, retinaldehyde also acts in the skin's deeper layers to increase the formation of collagen. Retinaldehyde increases collagen production in this situation to slow the aging process. It aids in restoring skin structure and increasing suppleness at the same time.

Retinaldehyde helps keep pores clean and unclog them. That is why this component is frequently used in acne treatments. Additionally, it regulates oil production, aiding in pore reduction and acne prevention on the face. Retinaldehyde can be antibacterial against P.Acnes, the bacterium that causes acne, unlike other forms of vitamin A. Additionally, all types of vitamin A promote the formation of collagen and elastin, boost cell renewal, lessen wrinkles, and restore the appearance of youthful skin. Retinaldehyde also acts by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin, erasing dark spots.


How to Use:

- Use no more than a pea-sized quantity for the entire face.

- Begin using once a week, gradually increasing the frequency of usage until it is used every night when the skin has fully acclimated to the vitamin A derivative.

- Avoid dry regions like the skin around the eyes and the corners of the lips.

- While using a retinaldehyde product, a moisturizer can be utilized to keep the skin hydrated.


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