What are Cosmeceuticals and How do They Work?

The union of the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals describes this hybrid that is characterized by going beyond traditional formulas thanks to active but non-drug substances. "It is that preparation that is between a medicine, designed to cure or prevent disease, and a cosmetic, which serves to beautify or conceal some feature of the skin."

Cosmeceuticals were developed in the 1990s by dermatologists in the United States as an alternative to non-invasive anti-aging beauty treatments, combining cosmetic and pharmaceutical concepts; however, they should not be confused with drugs to cure the skin, but rather cosmetics that are more active and have more regulated manufacturing processes. In short, the progression of traditional cosmetics into the field of cosmeceuticals is the future of traditional cosmetics.


What are cosmeceuticals and how do they work?

Simply put, cosmeceuticals are where cosmetics meet pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are products that contain scientifically proven bioactive ingredients that have been shown to change the skin. Cosmeceutical formulations have the ability to create cellular activity in the dermal layer of the skin, allowing for structural changes and cellular reprogramming.

While a classic cosmetic can be purchased at a supermarket or perfumery, cosmeceuticals require a specialized professional who knows his client-patient's skin and customizes or monitors his treatment. In most cases, they should be prescribed by qualified health personnel, with a high degree of knowledge of the skin's biochemistry and metabolic activity, as the high concentration and specificity of some of the components can lead to adverse reactions or unwanted side effects, if the products are not correctly chosen for the skin or the problems encountered.


What is the difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics?

It basically boils down to two things: the concentration of active ingredients contained in the formulation and the level of penetration into the skin. Cosmeceuticals contain more active ingredients in higher concentrations, which penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing the formulation to deliver tangible and long-lasting changes to the skin.

A cosmetic product is any substance or mixture intended to be placed in contact with the superficial parts of the human body or oral mucous membranes, in order to cleanse, perfume, modify their appearance, protect or maintain them in good condition.

Cosmeceuticals go one step further. They are the perfect hybrids that start from the basis defined as a cosmetic but provide the benefits of a visible and long-term treatment. Based on new technological advances, their active ingredients and results are backed by science.


Characteristics of a cosmeceutical that make the difference:

- It offers more active components in a greater concentration than those found in traditional cosmetics, which is supported by scientific research and results in a far more noticeable impact on the skin.

- Greater degree of action and penetration of its active components.

- Their constituents are supported by an analysis of the research and clinical study literature.

- Studies on efficacy that demonstrate the action on the user's skin. Effective cosmetics.

- They gradually provide a discernible improvement. To achieve the intended result, they act in a more focused and selected manner.


Why should you try cosmeceuticals?

Our skin endures many daily aggressions. It is affected by the sun, pollution, age... Spots proliferate and uneven skin tone becomes increasingly difficult to control when you reach an advanced age without taking care of yourself.

The use of a cosmeceutical product will take care of the skin and provide pharmaceutical benefits to minimize this damage and take care of the aggressions, slowing down the effects of aging and leaving a healthier skin in general.

Cosmeceuticals is the care of your beauty routine of the future. A care not only superficial, but at an internal level that will allow you to keep your skin healthy for longer.

Of course you can combine cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, but we assure you that if you switch to a cosmeceutical routine and see its effects, you will not want to go back to traditional cosmetics.



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