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5 Ways to Make Fillers and Botox Last Longer

Have you been looking into ways to improve the longevity of your fillers? It’s true that the product and the injection technique are of great importance, but the after-care is what can truly make a difference and bring about long-lasting positive results.

Apply sunscreen

Protecting your skin against the sun’s strong UV rays is the foundation of every good skin care routine, but you might want to put in extra effort after getting your filler treatment. Sun exposure not only speeds up the aging process and graces the face with wrinkles, but it can cause certain fillers to break down faster and get absorbed more quickly. We certainly dont want that!

What can you do to prevent the damage? Extending the life of your fillers is easier than you think – limiting the time you spend out in the sun, applying sunscreen, wearing a hat and the-ever-so-necessary sunglasses can do wonders.


Maintenance is the key

The best treatment is prevention and to extend the effect of the fillers, you should make sure to undergo a treatment before the results wear off. In case of Botox, the muscles even can get trained to respond to the neurotoxin for longer periods of time!

Therefore, make sure to check with your doctor and schedule a follow-up treatment to keep the effects looking flawless.

Don't stress

Stress is unavoidable in today’s society, whether its a result from your career, relationship or financial situation, but one thing is sure  when it comes to your skin, you should do your best to keep your calm. When it comes to skin, high levels of stress hormone are released, which speeds up the aging process. If youd like to keep the benefits of the injectable for longer, we recommend engaging in relaxing activities, for example meditation or yoga.

Working out?

Have you ever noticed that you keep squinting or scowling while in the middle of your favorite exercise? Well, that might have a bad effect on the injected botox or filler, therefore you should try to keep the treated areas as still as possible and refrain from being overly active.

Burning a high amount of calories might sound like a good idea, but next time you decide to jump into that high-intensity training, keep in mind that the increased metabolism can cause the treatment to wear off sooner, thus shortening the time until your next session.

Diet, but in a good way
Eating a healthy and balanced diet can have amazing results on your skin. If you are looking for ways to maximize the results of your filler, it’s wise to stay away from processed and packaged foods and especially sugar. Above all, those foods increase the risk of inflammation in your body, which has a direct effect for the overall health of your skin. Instead try to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, which also are a good way to add water to your diet and soon you will notice the numerous benefits.

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