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Snow Flower Bloom ( Expiry Date 16 Nov 2024 )

Snow Flower Bloom ( Expiry Date 16 Nov 2024 )

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Ingredients : Hyaluronic acid, Salmon DNA, Glutathione


- HA : Moisturization 
- HA + PDRN : Rejuvenation
- GSH : Antioxidant effects 
- RCT method : Continuous supplying GSH to enhance antioxidant effects.

Use period : 3~4 weeks interval 1 time, 3~4 procedures.
Expiry date : 2 years from the date of manufacture.

- PDRN+Linear HA works with excellent effect of fibroblasts function compared to single PDRN usage. This leads to additional moisturization and rejuvenation.
- Reduced glutathione: has a key influence of Redox regulation, a major mechanism of antioxidant activity.
- Reduced glutathione, is also superior in Anti-oxidation effect compared to oxidized glutathione.

More functions:
- Improvement of melasma and dark circles.
- Improvement of skin tone and texture
- Pore improvement.
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