Get to know the new semi-permanent makeup treatments

Get to know the new semi-permanent makeup treatments

We'd want to have beautiful skin without having to put on makeup every day. This previously unreachable goal is now available thanks to the new innovative semi-permanent make-up procedures that use Micro needling Nanotechnology. (Non-invasive induction therapy). This process allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin's layers, allowing you to have porcelain skin for up to a year.

=> XY BB Glow Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment

This technique is a variation of the well-known BB Creams, in addition to its benefits and qualities such as the elimination of imperfections in enlarged pores, blemishes, whitening, and so on, because by balancing the skin tone it causes a gradual semi-permanent makeup effect, lasting between 6 and 12 months.

Its benefits are extensive, as it contains depigmenting active ingredients such as niacinamide, natural extracts, vitamins, and so on, as well as powerful active ingredients such as the latest generation of peptides that cause a Botox effect and a powerful lifting, assisting in the regeneration of the skin in an extraordinary way, resulting in a cocktail of active ingredients carefully selected to treat the skin.

This therapy is highly popular these days since it helps us highlight a perfect complexion without the need of cosmetics. The before and after is absolutely amazing because it helps you to change your appearance in less time and see results from the first session.


XY BB Glow Nano Technology Skin Ampoule

xy bb glow

This product is the only nanotechnology ampoule that penetrates deep into the skin. When compared to other BB Glow serums on the market, this one has a longer and more immediate whitening impact. It provides noticeable effects for treating your face.

XY BB glow Nano Technology Skin Ampoule is applied to the epidermis - the highest layer of the skin - with a special cosmetic treatment pen and can last for several months. It provides fast benefits and a natural-looking foundation that may be visible immediately after the first treatment, however three administrations at 10-14 day intervals are normally suggested.

The XY BB Glow Nano Technology Skin Ampoule Mesotherapy face treatment promotes skin appearance and skin tone and gloss. It is suitable for all skin types.

XY BB Glow comes in two shades: nude and beige. This procedure lightens the skin, giving it an even, smooth tone. Wrinkles and imperfections are smoothed and filled. Your skin gets a gorgeous, even color, and the result generally lasts a year. This is not a tattoo, but rather a surface application of a hyaluronic acid-based concentration.


XY Blush Nano Technology Skin Ampoule

xy blush

This product is a nanotechnology ampoule as well. The effects could last for up to a month. The pigment is incredibly opaque, rapidly refreshing the skin, and creates a seductive appearance. A light texture is uniformly placed to the cheekbones, leaving no visible lines or spots. Blushers do not crumble, do not clog pores, and may be used in conjunction with any tone base or base. The serum, in addition to providing color, also nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

XY Blush Nano Technology Skin Ampoule is used to provide a semi-permanent blush effect on the face. The application procedure is very similar to that of BB Glow. Dermapen or dermaroller must be used to apply. For a longer-lasting benefit, use once every week for four weeks. 1 ampoule may be used for up to 8 individuals, therefore 1 box can serve around 40 people. It is suggested that the treatment be repeated 3-4 times for best effects.

It is an efficient therapy for skin color correction and lightens melasma. It's intended to give you a natural glow on your face. A little rouge offers the appearance of vigor and energy, as well as a natural shine.



These treatments will definitely revitalize your face and enhance the health of your skin. Don't hesitate to order yours from our online shop!