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Best Eye Care Mesotherapy For Under-Eye Bags, Wrinkles & Dark Circles

Compared to the rest of your body, the skin under your eyes is naturally thinner. Because it is more delicate and therefore more likely to age prematurely, this puts your under-eye skin in a vulnerable position right away.

The production of collagen and the activity of the oil glands in your skin both decline as you age. Our skin becomes thin due to decreased moisture and cell renewal. And once that occurs, you'll start noticing all the unwelcomed indicators of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Even if you don't stay up late, you’d notice dark circles beneath your eyes which is a sign of thinner skin. When the skin around your eyes isn't as thick as it once was, it starts to become somewhat translucent. This darkens the skin around your eyes and makes the blood vessels under your skin more noticeable. When this occur, eye mesotherapy is one of the greatest therapies to prevent and treat all of these skin conditions.


What advantages does eye mesotherapy treatments offer?

 eye mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that involves administering active chemicals through the skin's surface using several microinjections in order to address a variety of cosmetic issues. Because it combines the pharmacological impact produced by the precise cocktail of active chemicals with the physical stimulation caused by the needle, it is a very successful technique for eye treatment.

The goal of mesotherapy is to reduce the flaws around the eyes brought on by tiredness, stress, and aging. It delivers non-surgical skin rejuvenation by reviving internal natural nutrients to restore vitality to tired-looking eyes. Skin that is more luminous, firm, and moisturized is the ultimate result.

The treatment entails injecting the eye area with very fine-tipped needles, and it provides a very beneficial outcome. Use a tonic to clean and remove any dirt, oil, or makeup from the area around your eyes before the therapy to sanitize and better prepare the area.

The area surrounding your eyes is then marked using an erasable pen. A few places are picked up to the very edge of your eye area, making sure your pupil is in the center. This procedure makes sure that injections are delivered accurately and that they produce the desired results. The drug is administered when the targeted spots have been sunk and the preparation process is complete.



Making a decision on which mesotherapy eye care product to purchase may be fairly difficult for first-time users due to the abundance of available options. Don't worry—we're going to provide you recommendations for the best products that minimize dark circles, wrinkles' appearance and encourage cell renewal. Here are our recommendations to make your journey to fairer skin easier.


Dermaheal Eye Care

Dermaheal eye treatments can definitely assist you in repairing the skin under your eyes. These multipurpose mesotherapy solutions aid in reducing and avoiding the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

 dermaheal eye bag solution


Dermaheal Eyebag Solution prevents lymphatic stasis while promoting drainage and improving microcirculation by reducing eye bags and swelling behind the eyes. The medication prevents fat from accumulating behind the eyes, slows fat formation, and stimulates lipolysis thanks to the mixture of four biomimetic peptides. It provides a hydrating, tightening, elasticizing, and revitalizing effect on the skin. Additionally, it brightens and illuminates your skin.

By boosting fibroblast proliferation, which triggers the formation of collagen and elastin, and tightens the skin of the periorbital zone, it effectively decreases wrinkles around the eyes, with a lifting effect. It also improves local microcirculation and lymph drainage.

 dermaheal dark circle solution


Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution moisturizes, brightens, and lightens the skin beneath the eyes to reduce dark circles and signs of fatigue. To eliminate dark circles and signs of fatigue, this treatment is designed to moisturize the skin and brighten the area around the eyes. The biomimetic peptides work to reduce pigmentation, brighten under-eye circles, and prevent the development of new pigmentation spots. This combination of peptides increases microcirculation and balances melanin synthesis, which significantly tightens skin and reduces under-eye bags. Additional anti-aging substances encourage cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin.


Selatox Eye

 selatox eye


Selatox Eye has a whitening effect as the deposits in the skin are cleared due to the development of new cells, resulting in substantial whitening. It promotes periorbital skin regeneration and biostimulation.

The main ingredient is Polynucleotide, which is an effective and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation. This composition helps the skin repair in three ways: increasing collagen creation by boosting fibroblast activity, interacting with water molecules for long-term hydration within the dermal matrix, and neutralizing the impacts of damaging free radicals. So, it aids in reducing the puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity of the lower eyelids. Deep cellular rejuvenation of the eye region is made possible by this ground-breaking procedure. Polynucleotides' high density yet low molecular weight structure enables for rapid penetration into tissues. As a result, it effectively stimulates the periocular region.

Because the chemicals in the Polynucleotides injection are wholly natural components of the body, it is an absolutely risk-free therapy.



Mesotherapy procedures often don’t need any downtime. This indicates that following mesotherapy treatment, you may resume your normal activities in safety and comfort. Having said that, the skin around your eyes, particularly the region beneath them, is quite fragile. However, this should pass quickly.

Results start to show typically after a series of six treatments and get better over time with the formation of new collagen and elastin. The effects last for a considerable amount of time—usually around a year. In some circumstances, you can see effects after just one treatment, but for the greatest outcomes, a course of up to 4-6 sessions spaced out regularly is advised.



Any treatment is perfectly indicated to obtain a fresh, relaxed, and revitalized eye expression; you only need to decide which is most appropriate for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our shop to find out more about these and other eye appearance-enhancing products.

eye mesotherapy