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MIRACLE H - PCL + HA (Only For US Shipping)

MIRACLE H - PCL + HA (Only For US Shipping)

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Miracle H is a combined product consisting of polycaprolactone colloid solution (PCL) and hyaluronic acid. A combination of two active components increases the rejuvenation effect. After the procedure, the skin becomes elastic and radiant.

Main Advantages:

  • Efficiently moisturizes skin, and at the same time has a high level of stimulation of natural collagen synthesis.
  • It is well distributed within the dermal layers.
  • Little to no downtime – swelling falls down within one hour.

Correction result lasts at least 1 year.

Product Purpose: *NanoMeso Therapy*
Miracle H is used for mesotherapy procedures in order to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin in the areas of face, décolleté, back of hands. Infusions are made with a NanoMeso needling into the surface layer. Infusions into deeper dermal layers to activate rich fibroblasts is possible as well.

There is little to no downtime and almost no side effects, except for minimal bruising and swelling.


  • Surface wrinkles, dryness, sagginess of skin;
  • Photo-aging (damage caused by staying in the Sun).

3-4 treatments are required to achieve a visible effect. A break between the procedures should be 4 weeks. Miracle H provides an impressive volumizing effect that lasts more than a year. Infusions may be repeated after 1 year.

This product is packaged in a single 2 ml. vial. The product contains hyaluronic acid in concentration 1% and PCL – 20%.

30 g

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